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Spare Parts

We are proud of our after sales service and the fact that MICRO scooters can be repaired at our shop because we have everything you need in terms of Spare Parts. So does your well-traveled MICRO scooter need replacement parts? Or perhaps you want to upgrade your scooter? MICRO has plenty of scooter replacement parts to choose from, including decks, grips, chassis, wheels, springs, and more to refurbish or update your ride. Micro scooters should never have to be discarded, as all of our parts are replaceable - so do not worry if a part of it seems broken past repair. It isn't. Refurbish your ride today and keep surfing the pavement! If you need help to choose the right spare part for your scooter, please choose the right model from the list on your left or below, let us know what you need and we'll be happy to help. WE ACCEPT ORDERS OVER THE PHONE so PLEASE GIVE US A CALL TODAY.